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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just a couple of hours ago, I heard this phase from Jowin Guru

"Woman are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped"
Be careful Jo, an angry mob of girls might just be heading your way ! XD

2:22 AM

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well, its been quite a while since i updated my blog. I've finish my finals last Wed, came back and currently bored till the bone. I've got a 2 weeks holiday and supose to end on the 25 if i'm not mistaken. But unfortunely for me, my dad has in a way extended my holiday to 1 year and 2 weeks. In a way he has ask me to go and work in his line and learn his trade of being a machine doctor. T.T and will be back continuing my studies next year if i'm not mistaken. Anyhow, i'm not gonna talk about that as its another topic.

So Thursday, April 30th , I, Marcus, and Ju Ann went and celebrate 'Kasut Masin' aka Shwu Sian's belated birthday at Pyramid.

We watched X-Men origins: Wolverine

It was superb I tell you. The way the story was told as how wolverine's claws used to be bones before the upgrade ^^. After the movie, We pop in to the arcade and played abit of Daytona and tht o2jam alike game(dunno whats it called already)

The girls were abit crazy on that game, they change RM10 and left us waiting there for them for an hour.

Doesnt Ju Ann have a nice smile ? =)

After the arcade, we followed the girls around as we didnt had a choice =( They went into some shop for some ear rings. It was some promotion, Buy 3 for RM10 or something like that. And gues how long they were in there ? Half an hour !!

I just dont get girls shopping, why cant they be more like us ? We know what we want, we go directly to the shop and directly to the position where its kept and just buy it after testing it, We dont go and take detour around the whole mall for hours and hours and at the end of the day probably get something that we could have gotten 10 mins into the mall. Geeezzz..

Anyway the following day, Friday, May 1st -Labour day

I woke up at about 10.30 and rush to get ready for the trip to Beretak Waterfall, Fraser Hill. Aparently my dad was helping to set a run. We were the co-heir of the DHHH run that was happening later on in the day. For those who dont know what does DHHH stands for, It stands for Damansara Hash House Harries, its some jogging club. Well we reach to the base of fraser hill at about 1 and had our lunch there. The services at the restaurant was horrible I tell you. They were so slow that I believe I should have learn how to cook and jump into the kitchen and cook for them. Just for 3 common noodle dishes, it took them a whooping hour and 10 mins to prepare. After that we carried on with setting up the sign boards at almost every junction to signal the people to the run site.

We went in to set the run at around 2.30pm and the runners are comming in at around 3.30pm. Normal runs are usually set 2-3hours before hand. So in a way, we had to run for our butts as if the 1st runner catches up with the heir then the punishment would be taking off our pants and sitting on ice for a couple of mins in the circle later on in the night.

So we eventually reach the waterfall at around 4pm and chilled there a while and sort of have a small picnic

The Waterfall was magnificient, it had water falling from around 100 feet or so. It just makes me feel like building a house here in the future and staying there for ages as long as i've got a computer, broadband, and some friends to accompany me of course. Thinking about it, its actually very possible and with free water and electricity(after building a water powered generator of course). It'll save tons of money. Darn it, but the government just wont let me do it

After that we came out back to the runsite and met up with some runners taking a chill at the streams beside the parking area. p.s. I believe the guy in black is taking a piss, its a pity for the orang putih sitting at the right side of the pic.
A total of only 16 people turn up for the run, so the beer was on free flow that night. Got really drunk after a few bottoms up with an empty stomach. I later chill at asia cafe with sean when I return home. I believe I won 3 straight matches of pool with him. Must be the power of the alcohol. XD

5:31 AM

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sometime's being A TARCian has its own advantage and disadvantages. Yesterday, after having dinner and a drink with Emiraldi at Setapak, I headed home. It was around 1.00a.m. in the morning, the cars on the road was consideraly little compared to the constant jam in the day. So as any young crazy drivers out there, I drove over the speed limit and sped off home. Just before I entered into the Kesas Highway. I saw people using red led lights on the left hand side of the road.So i slowed down. Then i thought again, this couldnt be the police, as which police out there works this early in the morning. Aparently it was some van broke down and they were towing it away. So without thinking too much about it, I continue to speed and when i came to a corner just before I reach the first toll. I saw some blue light flickering infront. I was like SH*T ! this is the real police and a real road block. So I slowed down and slowly drove thru them, when it came to my turn before passing the police checking, I was flag down and had to be check. SH*T !

So I slowly park my car to the side, took out all my money from my wallet and left RM10 inside, prepare to bribe the lucky policemen, then took down the GPS and TouchNGo from plain sight.
When it came to my turn the convo was something like this:

Policeman: Eh, Mana you nak pergi?
Me: Balik rumah.
Policeman: tingal kat mana ?
Me: Subang Jaya
Policeman: Tadi encik melepasi had laju yang sepatutnya. Tadi ialah 110km/h tapi you jalan 135km/h. Tengok lisence
Me:Yea ke ? (Hehe) pass him the lisence
Policeman: So you nak macam mana ni ? (trying to ask for a bribe)
Me: bang tolong lah, saya student, ni kali pertama saya (heh, yea right), saya miskin lah T_T
Policeman: Tadi you dari mana ?
Me: TARC - Setapak
Policeman: Owh...UTAR atau Ktar/tarc ?
Me: Tar College bukan University Tar
Policeman:Owh, ok saya lepaskan kamu hari ini, sebab kamu student Tarc, saya tak sanggup saman kamu. Lain kali jgn melepasi had laju
Me: kay kay, (yessss~!)

So after that incident, i decided to continue slowly back to subang as u may nvr know, there could be another road block ahead as sometimes sh*t happens

1:04 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, due to Melissa and others tht kept on bugging me and spaming my chatbox for an update. So now I will. Well its been quite sometime since I last updated. I appologize for that as I was very busy with the exams and I kinda forgotten my password. Well, I just had 2 reunion dinner back to back so I dont think I'm in a mood to blog also so i'll just leave the pics to do the talking.

Tomorrow's CNY so Happy CNY guys !! The best thing about CNY is the reunion of family members, mandarin orange, and of course the extra angpows to get as my chinese birthday falls on the first day of that great day. Its consider an auspicious day to be born in but the funny thing is that, I and two others were born on this particular day. The two others would be Martin and Emiraldi. The most funny thing is that all three of us have the same birthdate, stay at the same area, are of the same age and even go to the same school together. Its really funny. and all 3 of us are Tarcian !

Whoa !! almost 19 years old already. I'm not ready to leave 18 behind. When I look back in the past now, I've realise that I have made many silly mistakes and have not achieve the things that I myself desire. I have lost some great friends and at the same time gain some new ones. Well, thats life ! we get some and we lose some, I cant dwell on the past anymore, its just nature taking its course.Well, I just had 2 reunion dinner back to back so I dont think I'm really in a mood to blog, so i'll just leave the pics to do the talking.

Here's a recap on what did I do for the past year

The sunrise of the new year

Got my birthday present from Wei Lim, sadly the gift was 10 years late =/

Work for Nandos at Subang Parade for one and a half months

Went to college and met this group of retarded people that watches budaya kuning in the library study room

Found out that college was fill with sleepy heads, the only difference from secondary school was that it was more comfortable here XD

Full of posers and lala chai

The most potential teacher I've seen so far.

Got invited to a sausage fiest where its not a good idea to get too drunk if you know what i Mean XD

Went for english Camp.

Quite entertaining in the most disgusting manner

Got to be boss for a couple of minutes

Indian christmass party ! I know they look like an Orang Utan with their flaby stomach, hairy body and dark skin but at least they are not so retarded

Saw this little girl on the floor of a hypermarket in summit, at first I thought she lost her parents or something but apparently she got frustrated and couldnt figure out which junk food to get.

Attended some stupid dinner at College

And finally Happy 2009 !

4:06 AM

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Well today, although I dont have class to attend but I still went to college for a replacement for next week, after that I met April at wangsa maju LRT station for breakfast. As usual that girl made me waited for an hour in my car at the station itself. Well 1 thing is for sure, she change a bit. she cut her hair short almost like a guy but slightly longer so that she doesnt look 100% like a guy. haha XD

After that I went back to cheras and thought I could have a good sleep..But grandparents werent in and they left for Melaka earlier in the morning. So sadly I didnt have my house keys. So i called them and then they told me they'll be back in 3 hours time. I was like WTF ?! what am i gonna do for 3 hours, so after thinking abit, i decided to go to Leisure Mall(in case you all dont know, its some retarded mall that I've no idea why do they even called it a mall, its soo small and have practically nothing to do there). But at least its air condition and have a rather cheap cinema.

So i went there and decided to watch a movie ALONE (sad huh ?). So i watch the movie ' The day the earth stood still ' . It was rather good I would say. After the movie, I decided to head home so I went to my car and gues what did i saw ?

My car had a DENT !! on the right side at the near the right signal light but luckily the signal light was undamage. So I was like WTF ?!? how can someone have knock it ? Its parked parallel with the road ! My only idea on how it got dent was maybe some asshole was reversing and hit it ! WTF
And now my car makes a really anoying sound when i open the drivers door.

To that fucker who was so stupid and careless to bang my car : WTF !?? Stupid retard ! dont know how to park or reverse car ah ? C'mon lah the car is parked parallel with the road, how can you be so fucking stupid ? WTF ! you can go fucking kill yourself for being that fucking stupid of a retard ! I curse and hope you fucking die in a car accident you stupid mother fucker. Dont know drive car dont drive lah, go play with more video games 1st before you drive. Never listen to the car signal when reversing ah ? Useless mother fucker ! Seriously lah, hope you drop dead or die an extremely painfull death ! Fucking Stupid son of a peasent dog !

Ok, I'm done =)

12:51 AM

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Sunday, my parents kept buggin me for a hair cut, so to make them buzz off, i went for it. At 1st i wanted to cut at Kim marie-taipan, but after much influence from Mr. WeiLim telling me how great it was, I agreed to follow him to Summit to try out QQcut at Summit.

At QQcut, I sat there and waited for around 20 mins for my turn (was still blur). When it came to my turn and I jump onto the chair and waited while the hairstylist gets ready with his equipment, before starting, he ask me.

hair stylist: so how shall I cut it ?

Me: I dont know, anything you like lah but just dont too short.

hair stylist:Ok

And the out come was - AAARRGGGHHHHh......the face of a secondary school boy !!

Well, this whole week has been quite hectic, catching up on assignments and reports that are due the following day, as i'm like most guys out there that just does their work at the very last minute. Its not that we are lazy or anything like that(well actually maybe we are), we just need the pressure to get us going. Two days ago, I was quite amaze actually. the 2 most lazies classmates of mine who were in my group assignment didnt do anything when the assignment is due the following day. The assignment needed a couple of days to gather info and they didnt do a single thing (I do not like to hand in my assignment late, so I was PISSED) so i just showed them my black face and somehow the following day, they completed it and was able to hand in the assignment on time, didnt know that i had it in me and that they were afraid of me!! hahaXD

Now I know what my grandma does for fun, I usually thought that she just lays around and be a couch potato and does nothing but watch TV for fun. Today, after dinner, while cleaning up.

Translation to english
Grandma: Wahh, the table today is so clean, i didnt spill a single rice on the floor or the table, oh wait! there is one grain of rice on the floor, but other than that, its clean.
Me: (LOL) Er..*Speechless*

Hmmm...cant wait for the weekends, maybe i'll be joining my dad for Jungle trekking and biking. class again tomorrow, have to sleep already.zzZZ

6:02 AM

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I woke up in the middle of the night, and i wanted to look at the time, but somehow i just couldn't move, its like a preassure pushing my entire body on the bed, not allowing me to move and the preassure was concentrated on my legs. So i reacted as any other people would do and try to say some prayers, But just then, i couldn't even speak and my mind was clouded with panic as this had not happen before, then after waiting for a couple of seconds. I finally regain my action and was able to stand up, so i did then ran into my grandmothers room and lay with her as she does a lot of prayers. I didnt wanted to wake her so i just lay there with her, when i stared up the wall,i saw it was burning and there were a few hundred or thousand people staring back at me. I was so terified that i woke up and was in a cold sweat, so i thought it was ok and it was just all a DREAM.

Then when I was looking around and trying to get up, i felt the same preasure over me but this time it was rather mild, so I tried to look at something bright and it was the doorway it had lights that were shining into the room but there were something blocking the light into the room, it was a dark figure right in the room with me and it was staring at me, although i couldn't see his eyes but i felt it and i'm certain it was looking at me...

Suddenly, my phone's alarm rang and i got up and it was time to wake up and go to college, to my surprise it was another dream or... was it ?

This what i get for sleeping 4hours in the afternoon. Shall not try that again.

Well today was just like any other boring day, had class from 8am-6pm , almost kena aluba though(In case you dont know, Aluba is or Pole-racking in Great Britain, is a practice in which a person's groin is 'cornered' rudely against a pole-shaped solid object.) If kena means, father's day may not happen in the future if you know what i mean. =(

Well, back in Subang for a day, and going back on wed nite i think, got an interview to attend tomorrow for some MIT academy at KK, my moms think i should go for it and if accepted, i'll have to join it. Its not too bad i supose although the campus is only 1 or 2 building big but at least their equipment for projects are sufficient unlike Ktar where the equipment there are considered out dated. Well thats all for now i supose gotta sleep early. =)

5:50 AM